Texts on Photo is a great app allow you to have a wonderful photos collage which you can draw, write names or message on your photo with different style of font also different colors of text or more.


– Hundreds of nice and unique text styles and fonts.

– Various colors for text

– Lovely and cute stickers, messages, word templates.

– Your photos are drawable with many different drawing tools : brushes, pencil, markers pens , many colors for ink.

Steps to make photo collage by using TEXT ON PHOTOS:

1. Select a photo from gallery.

2. Choose Text icon to write different message on your photo and make your image to awesome.

3. Add text like your name, your girlfriend name, boyfriend name or any message

4. Edit text size, color and style

5. Adjust the text position on your selected photos then Rotate, zoom in, out and shrink text.

6. Add the stickers on images if you like

7. Click Save the image or SHARE to share his image over intergram, facebook ,etc

Thank you for choosing TEXT ON PHOTO, Add date and time stamp to your photos and preserve your memories forever!